Décor tiles in your home
Having handmade tiles in the house is having art in the house
Most of our tiles are unique editions.
The function of the glazed tile is both to isolate the wall from dampness, and to decorate it with its colors. In the process of building or renovating the painted tiles can be integrated into the wall or floor tiles. The floorer marks and incises at the joint between the tiles, or in the center, according to the size of the painted tile.
It is possible to add painted tiles after building and renovating too. An incision is made using a diamond disc cutter in the wall or floor tiles, and the tile is inserted.(see illustration).
Tiles can be attached to anything; to ceramic tiles, and to any surface- stone, wood, metal, ceramics, glass, plastic, plaster, gypsum, concrete etc. . At your request we can give you advice about gluing methods.
A terrific idea is gluing on top of existing tiles, so that the painted tile will stand out (do not fear- they are easy to clean because of the glazing).
Most of the tiles we manufacture are "Granite Porcelain". This means they were fired at above 1200 degrees Celsius, so they are tougher than tiles fired at a lower temperature. They are coated with a glaze that was melted at a high temperature, and protects the painting and its colors from water, sun and corrosion. They remain whole for hundreds of years as remnants of a culture. Ceramics made today will be a life story for generations. That is the beauty of painted ceramics that will be preserved many years, and discovered by archeologists.
We are prepared to give advice and ideas for tile design within your house. It is desirable to bring the tiles you purchased for general flooring, and the house plan with you (by appointment)

Here you can observe examples of many ideas of combining our tiles in different places: