Osnat Rottman's studio was established in 1998. In it are created "House Jewels" for lovers of art.
It is on the pedestrian mall- the Artists village of Aniam.
The studio is large and spacious, and filled with handmade colorful tiles, which can be combined in flooring, and inner or outer walls.
The works made in the studio are unique, including limited editions of tiles .Apart from the tiles, we design and produce the Hebrew alphabet letters and digits, for family and business signposts. We make exclusive tableware, decorations for attaching to childrens' furniture ,to tiling and walls, sculpture ,mobiles, mezuzah holders, hand shaped talismans, Hanukkah lamps, and many more original surprises, that are renewed each day.
Assisting me in the studio and creation is a group of women from Aniam: Haya Cohen, Tamara Sorkin, Mira Madmoni (from Natur), and occasionally Neta and Gali Harash. Together we prepare the enormous variety displayed on our shelves. Everything here is the pride of our own hands, made to ornament your house.
You are welcome to pay us a visit!


About the studio

I established the studio in 1998 in my back yard next to my house in Aniam. There I did sculpture, molding, and also made ceramic tiles, which were sold in my studio and in well-known stores and chain stores that specialize in ceramics and flooring in the center and in Haifa .At the same time I taught art at the Degania Aleph elementary school ( I am a graduate of the Midrasha art school), and in my small studio I spent my free time, days and nights.


In 2006 I joined the artist village project in Aniam, and built my new studio .Nowadays visiting my studio has become part of the esthetic and multicolored experience of the artist village .The outer walls of the studio are blue and orange, and decorated with many ceramic ornaments. Building the studio was an absolute creative experience .I enjoyed all the stages of planning, making decisions and carrying them out .My concept of the building is of a work of art, colorful and amusing within and without .My family and I attached all the ornaments to the walls with our own hands .Surrounding the front door are tiles saying "Welcome" in a great many languages- painted by my own family members .On the pillars outside there are relieves symbolizing good luck in different cultures. Hopefully, they will do their work...
My experience as an art teacher gave me the knowhow in planning the work area as an airy, open space, suitable for a few people, and most important, in my point of view, that the visitor can observe the progression of the ceramic creation in real time.
People who are not familiar with me say:" You must have fulfilled a dream in this studio..." The truth is, I never dreamt it. I couldn't even imagine it .I cannot describe the warm enthusiasm of those visitors who love the place .It is a pleasant surprise to meet people coming again and again to see what's new, and sending friends and family to our studio and the artist village .I enjoy watching the faces of people on their first encounter, their surprise at the colorfulness of the studio, at the creations integrated in the walls and floors ,as well as those on the shelves. The studio gives me the joy for creating, which I fulfill every day.
Come and watch us creating, welcome to our place!
Osnat Rottman