The studio encompasses an enormous and diverse variety of tiles. The choice of patterns changes from time to time .Every visit you'll find new ideas.
Making tiles is a combination of two mediums in art: sculpture and painting. Each tile is a new sheet for creation. The clay rolled out flat gives huge possibilities to change the surface by engraving, carving, gluing and impressing, in order to create texture and relief on the tile.
My work is usually unplanned. When I begin, rarely do I know what the end result will be.
Many of the tiles are unique, with no editions
Most of the series of tiles I make are between 8-25 editions. When complete, they usually do not appear again, as I have new ideas to implement. It is of importance to me to have my name on the tile, on the face or on the back. This is in aid of future archeologists. Collectors of ceramic items are curious about the period of manufacture.

The tiles are painted either when they are still wet or after being fired once. The process of painting with pigments or glazes is no simple matter. The colors change after the firing, so some imagination is needed to translate the colors to their different appearance after the firing. My tiles are fired at 1060-12800c Tiles fired at above 1200 degrees are called Granite Porcelain, and are especially hardy